We Custom Clean Your Home

We want to clean your home the way YOU want it cleaned. To do this, we think it is important to get to know you and how you live in your home. What is important to you? What isnít? We think the best way to do this is to meet with you and develop a custom house cleaning plan that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget. Every home and family is unique. One home might have 20 roller blinds, the other 20 mini-blinds. One might have all hardwood flooring and minimal area rugs, the other might have mostly wall-to-wall carpeting AND many area rugs on top of that!

Top Shelf is Local

Top Shelf is an independent, local Worcester house cleaning company. We focus on customer service and quality and are committed to being the best Worcester area cleaning service.

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Top Shelf is Serious About Clean

At Top Shelf, we thoroughly and consistently CLEAN your home and we take this seriously. We train our professional teams well, and continue to educate and monitor their performance. We use the best tools and products available. We believe in best-practice quality control procedures and don’t leave your home until we are satisfied that it is truly clean.

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